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art is history's nostalgia | derek walcott

a collection of art that hangs from ears to acknowledge the brutal history of the american-african. Strange7Fruit |the 7 is silent| creates custom earring designs that keep it funky by any means necessary.
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Where’s Strange7Fruit?

THIS JUST IN: Strange7Fruit will be a Vendor at 5th Annual Lock 3 Hip Hop Showcase Presented by Keepers of the Art!!!

September 2nd 2012 7p

Featuring: De La Soul | Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth | Special Ed | Jeru The Damaja | Mick Boogie

You can find ticket information here —-> http://akroncivic.com/eventlist/event_detail.php?id=1229

I’m super pumped to see Special Ed!

New from S7F

Welcome to strange7fruit! It’s been a while… but we are here… steady creating and keeping it funky. Take a look at what we’ve been working on and email strange7fruit@gmail.com for pricing and other info!

Think peace. Be peace.


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Whisks & clothes pins…


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Pan African Pride…




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Royal Woman…

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around town with strange7fruit!!!

from the mouth of babes

this is one of my poetry students Eva.
she tagged me in this picture of her on facebook wearing my earrings with the quote:

“History has a way of repeating itself when not acknowledged, plays shadow in the closet of your psyche til forgotten, and if it gets the chance, sings again, in the warning posters for five Negro slaves, dangling from my earlobes, I will not apologize for art.”

shake it fast!

…show me what’cha workin’ wit! *mystical voice*


welcome to strange7fruit.

welcome to strange7fruit. i’m eris.zion.venia and this is my expression. i’ve been an artist.poet.activist for as long as i can remember. and while fashion has never been the foremost thing in my life, over the last 5 years, as i’ve stepped into my sense of self, outer self has grown congruent with my inner self. that being said, i started wearing clothes and accessories that made a statement before i ever uttered a word.

it started with a pair of recycled spoon earrings that i purchased at a street fair in cleveland oh. they were mustard yellow, and i wore them all the time. buying those made me realize that anything could be an earring.

i was hanging out at a craft store with one of my best friends, he was shopping for painting supplies, and i said “i wish i could make my own earrings” and just like that it began. we walked through the aisles picking out random things that i had never saw anyone make into an earring. so i owe strange7fruit to van ‘gogh’ laster. thank you.

it was important to me to create shit that spoke to who i was as a queer woman of color. and sense i walk with a perpetual sense of unforgivable blackness. strange fruit became the perfect metaphor. based off billie holiday’s song about brutal treatment of american-africans i deemed it extremely important to honor that brutality not with shying away from those images but hanging them from the ears in the same fashion of lynching. our history is drenched in gore. and its imperative that it is never forgotten.

so what is the significance of the number 7? well… while i was searching for domain names, i saw that strangefruit dot com was available for purchase, but a squatter got to it before i did and wanted to charge $2500 for it. so i chose my favorite number “7” to sit between strange and fruit because it reminded me of the hangman game. so even though the name reads “strange7fruit” the seven is silent to honor all of those who transitioned from this earth in silence with the truth of their pain barely told.

are you still with me? ok. great! i just want to thank you for stopping by, to peep the collection. the earrings & accessories, as you will see, are extremely unique, and are for everybody.

think peace. be peace.
eris.zion.venia | founder


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